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International Patents (Filed)

International Patents (Applied)

  • Jin-Soo Kim and Young-Sik Lee, “External Merge Sort Method and Device, and Distributed Processing Device for External Merge Sort,” Patent Filed No. 14/570,210 (December 15, 2014), United States.

Domestic Patents (Filed)

Domestic Patents (Applied)

  • Hwan-Jin Yong, Jin-Soo Kim, “가상 스트림들과 물리 스트림들을 맵핑하기 위한 스토리지 장치 및 그것의 동작 방법 (Storage Device for Mapping Virtual Streams and Physical Streams and Method Thereof),” Patent Filed No. 10-2018-0063730 (June 1, 2018).

  • Jin-Soo Kim, Jinkyu Jeong, “전자 장치 및 전자 장치의 메모리 관리 방법 (Electronic Device AND Memory Management Method Thereof),” Patent Filed No. 10-2015-0080217 (June 5, 2015).

  • Sunae Seo, Sanghoon Kim, Jinsoo Kim, Dongjun Shin, “전자장치에서 메모리를 제어하는 방법 및 장치 (Method and Apparatus for Controlling Memory in Electronic Device),” Patent Filed No. 10-2014-0031242 (March 17, 2014).

  • Yeongjae Woo, Jin-Soo Kim, Donggi Lee, and Jinhyuk Lee, “메모리 컨트롤러 및 이의 동작 방법 (Memory Controller and Operation Method Thereof),” Patent Filed No. 10-2011-0133321 (December 13, 2011), Korea