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SNU Systems Software and Architecture Laboratory

We focus on intelligent systems software and innovative architecture to improve the design and implementation of computer systems in terms of performance, cost, reliability, and energy efficiency. The main research goal is to bridge the gap between emerging applications (e.g. big data analytics and machine learning applications) and new breed of powerful hardware such as SSDs, GPUs, and accelerators.


Latest News

 We are hosting the OpenSSD Project homepage

We are proudly hosting the renovated OpenSSD project homepage at http://openssd-project.org. The OpenSSD project was started in 2011 as an initiative to promote research and education on the recent SSD (Solid State Drive) technology by providing the first Jasmine OpenSSD platform and later Cosmos/Cosmos+ platforms on which open source SSD firmware can be developed. We hope this site will be a forum to share various simulators, tools, traces, etc. not only for the conventional SSDs but also for the upcoming storage device such as KVSSD, ZNS SSD, and Computational Storage (CSX).


(Posted Jun 1, 2022)

 We are on YouTube!
YouTube We have opened a YouTube channel “쓰디 연구소” to share our expertise on SSDs (Solid-State Disks) and storage systems with others. We plan to upload various contents related to recent research trends as well as our own achievements. Please join us and stay tuned!

(Posted Sep 5, 2021)

 We are selected as a SW STAR Lab.
STAR Lab. We have been awarded the National SW STAR (Software Technology Advanced Research) Lab. grant by IITP (Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation) funded by Korea Ministry of Science and ICT on April 22, 2021. We will work on the optimized software stack for next-generation high-performance storage systems for the next 8 years.

(Posted Sep 1, 2021)