Programming Practice (Spring 2022) | SNU Systems Software & Architecture Laboratory


   According to the polling result, our last lecture on 6/6 (Mon) will proceed as scheduled even though it’s a national holiday. But, it will be an online lecture using Zoom and the recorded version will be provided after the class.

(Posted Jun 3, 2022)

   The lectures on 4/20 (Wed) and 4/25 (Mon) will be held online via Zoom. Thanks for your understanding.

(Posted Apr 20, 2022)

   Please note that we will have the practice session first on 4/18 and the lecture on 4/20 this week. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

(Posted Apr 17, 2022)


The following schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.
(L = Lecture @ 302-208, P = Practice session @ 302-311-1)

Day Topic Reading
3/2 L Course Overview (Online) Chap. 0
P Practice Session 1 (Online)
3/7 L An Overview of C (Online) Chap. 1
3/9 Presidential Election Day (no class)
3/10 P Practice Session 2 (make-up) (Online)
3/14 L Lexical Elements and Operators (Online) Chap. 2
3/16 P Practice Session 3 (Online)
3/21 L Fundamental Data Types (Online) Chap. 3
3/23 P Practice Session 4 (Online)
3/28 L Flow of Control (Online) Chap. 4
3/30 P Practice Session 5 (Online)
4/4 L Functions Chap. 5
4/6 P Practice Session 6
4/11 L Arrays, Pointers, and Strings I Chap. 6
4/13 P Practice Session 7
4/18 P Practice Session 8, Assignment Tips
4/20 L Arrays, Pointers, and Strings I (cont’d) (Online) Chap. 6
4/25 L Arrays, Pointers, and Strings II (Online) Chap. 6
4/27 P Practice Session 9, Assignment Tips
5/2 L Bitwise Operators Chap. 7
5/4 P Practice Session 10
5/9 L Structures and Unions Chap. 9
5/11 P Practice Session 11
5/16 L Lists Chap. 10
5/18 P Practice Session 12
5/23 L Lists (cont’d)
5/25 P Practice Session 13
5/30 L I/O Chap. 11
6/1 P Practice Session 14
6/6 National Holiday
L C Preprocessor (Online) Chap. 8
6/8 P Practice Session 15, Leader-Board
6/13 Final Exam

Credit: Most of slides for this lecture are based on materials provided by the textbook publisher.

Course Information

When Lecture: 16:00 - 17:50 (Monday)
Practice session: 16:00 - 17:50 (Wednesday)
Where Lecture: Engineering Building 302-208
Practice session: Engineering Building 302-311-1 (CSE Software Lab.)
Instructor Jin-Soo Kim
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, SNU
Language Korean
Course Description This course provides a thorough introduction to the C programming language covering the basic C syntax and grammar, pratical programming techniques, and general programming methodology through various examples and hands-on practice. This course is intended for the first-year students of the Computer Science and Engineering major.
Textbook Al Kelley and Ira Pohl, A Book on C, Fourth edition, Addison-Wesley, 1998.
(The Korean version is also OK.)
Reference Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, The C Programming Language, Second edition, Prentice Hall, 1988.
Prerequisites Your passion!
Grading S/U (Practice examples: 20%, Practice assignments: 40%, Exam 40%)
* Grading policy is subject to change
Teaching Assistants Euidong Lee, Junseok Lee, and Minhyo Jung (snucsl.ta AT gmail)